Different Types of Kebabs

Kebabs come in different kinds depending on various factors like religion, taboos and type of meat available within the locality. Kebabs have become a favorite to many and it is one of the most taken fast foods in the all parts of the world. We are going to look at various types of kebabs depending on the mentioned factors.

-Turkish steam Kebab. It is prepared in traditional earthenware pot with a lid sealed with dough. Some of the delicacies used to prepare it include garlic onions, mastic and Izmir.

-Pasar malam kebabs in Malaysia. The word means night market. It is pan fried with onions and hot sauce. It is served with bread, tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

-Uyghur kebab in china. It is a very common street food. Because of the diversity in China, different types of meat are used. We have pork; beef, chicken, seafood and muttom being used. Kebabs are prepared depending on the season and occasion. Banana, strawberries, squid kebabs are common in china.

-Turkish Doner kebab.Beef, chicken or lamb meat is roasted rotating vertically. It is commonly served with pita bread.Doner kebab is shared with other countries in Europe like Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Poland. In UK the donor kebab is famous for the night revelers .Business thrives in the wee hours of the night.Thi is a very controversial type of kebab with much health criticism. It is said not to have appropriate salt and fat levels.

-Kenjeh kebab in Iran is prepared using lamb meat, oil, lemon juice and pepper. It is commonly served with onions tomatoes or rice.

-Halabi kebab of Syria and Lebanon. This type of kebab can be prepared in more than twenty different ways using tomato and pepper.

These are just but a few most recognized types of kebabs from different parts of the world.